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  • The Queen of Thieves 2017-07-31
    The underworld of New York is often portrayed as men’s warfare; however one of the most influential crime bosses in the history of the city was a Prussian immigrant Fredericka Mandelbaum. Also called ‘The Queen of Fences’, this woman became one of the strongest criminal figures of her day, buying stolen goods and reselling them, […]
  • Wives wanted 2017-07-26
    When the settlement of the western lands of North America started, men were the first to arrive. Some hoped to find gold, the others wanted to set up farms and begin a new life in a place with ample resources and unlimited freedom. However, there was one major problem: the lonely men needed women. Of […]
  • Holy Etchmiadzin prefers solar energy 2017-07-25
    Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin, which has always welcomed implementation of green technologies, is going to use solar energy to provide its constructions with hot water. Besides, with the blessing of Catholicos of All Armenians, His Holiness Karekin II, photovoltaic array is being installed at the area by Optimum Energy company.
  • How planes go to die 2017-07-21
    Airplanes have been built for decades. As these planes become outdated or no longer needed, they must be stored in boneyards and eventually disposed of. Military and airliner boneyards are located around the world, from the UK to Australia, from Canada to Russia, and elsewhere. These "boneyards" around the world serve several functions: temporary storage, […]
  • Cost-effectiveness or unemployment growth 2017-07-20
    Back in October 2016, Armenian Prime Minister Karen Karapetyan instructed the heads of all governmental agencies to present proposals regarding reforms to be carried out within the public administration system. “Substitute the term ‘optimization’ with the term ‘drastic cuts’ to avoid misunderstanding,” the PM said at the time. PanARMENIAN.Net, in turn, presents the list of […]

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