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  • Clever Armenia 2017-01-16
    2016 can be called a year of policy review rather than a year of development of the Armenian IT field. The April escalation of the Nagorno Karabakh conflict showed that the efficiency of military operations for some part depends on use of the latest technologies. After the 4-day war, a lot of IT companies have […]
  • The other side of music 2017-01-14
    Playing musical instruments is not always a pleasure. Due to the high physical and psychological demands of their work, musicians have a high risk of developing a range of health problems. While the audience is enjoying the music, the performer can endure pains you would never guess about.
  • Big and kind Armenian giant 2017-01-13
    Arshavir Grigoryan is 2m 34cm tall. He used to live in Jrashen village of Ararat province with his parents and brother but moved to Paris, France, in 2015. He says not permanently.
  • Tea in a tank 2017-01-11
    The British drink about 165 million cups of tea every day and even the war could not root out this age-old habit. During the World War II, the British government realized that it had a problem: they needed a way to keep their soldiers safe during tea time. The troops, who wouldn’t skip tea time […]
  • 8 most important economic events of 2016 2017-01-10
    PanARMENIAN.Net presents the most important economic developments of the year 2016.

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